So….. I am going back to work. I wasn’t ever sure when or if I would go back to work, but I felt called to this position. I will be working at St. Anthony Catholic School in Indianapolis. I spent several summers volunteering at St. Anthony during my high school days: painting, moving furniture, cleaning the basement and setting up computers during the summer. My time at St. Anthony was my first introduction to real diversity; racial, ethnic and socio-economic. Currently the school is 90% Latino. St. Anthony is a member of IndyPL Shared System, and in fact was the original  school library partnered with Indianapolis Public Libraries. The school ran out of space several years ago, so the library is now contained on book carts, that are opened in the gym (think Scholastic Book Fair). There will be nerves and challenges for sure, like with any job, but the overwhelming emotion I’m feeling is excitement. I love reading, talking about books, and helping kids learn to love reading. I can’t believe I ever thought that I would be happy not doing that work.

Wish me luck!!