Losing goldfish is akin to losing teeth in our house; common but traumatic! Lemony Snicket’s Goldfish Ghost is the perfect picture book to pull out when one of the family fish just doesn’t make it. Read: Keep this book handy after festivals and carnivals! “Goldfish Ghost was born on the surface of the water in a bowl on the dresser in a boy’s room,” begins the story. The reader follows the goldfish ghost as he looks for a suitable companion now that he has been replaced in the bowl. The book reads sweet and peaceful, not creepy as it could have. I think the illustrations help the cause. The book is illustrated by Lisa Brown, the author’s wife. My son called the pastel illustrations “adorable”. He especially like the upside down floating goldfish.  Several of the busy scenes were reminiscent of a Richard Scarry book; they were worth a thorough look to see everything that happening. Suitable for ages 3-8.



David Ezra Stein’s Ice Boy is making science “cool” again! I can’t decide if this is a witty children’s picture book masquerading as a science lesson, or a science lesson masquerading as a witty picture book. Either way, the book hits both notes flawlessly. Ice Boy isn’t satisfied with waiting to be chosen for someone’s drink, like his parents. He wants more. Ice Boy embarks on an adventure that leads him through several states of being (ice boy, water boy and vapor boy) and back home again, to convince his parents that taking risks can be rewarding. This book is the perfect introduction to a lesson on the water cycle, states of matter, or the three forms of water! Suitable for ages 3-8.