There’s A Bully In My Brain was written by Kristin O’Rourke, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. O’Rourke writes about  a young boy named Justin who deals with anxiety. After listening to the school counselor talk about bullies,  he realizes that he has a bully in his brain, anxiety. Justin visits the school counselor to tell her about his bully, and she is able to give him advice on how to quiet the bully. As a parent of a child who has dealt with anxiety, I was eager to read the story, and pass it along if I thought it would be helpful.

While my child would be too old for the story now, it would be good for children ages 5-8. The author uses universal examples of what types of situations might cause anxiety in children: visiting the doctor, riding a school bus, making new friends, trying something new.  I love that the school counselor is portrayed as a friendly helper in the story; there is no stigma attached to talking with her, and she gives Justin concrete steps to quiet the bully in his brain.

This story would work well in tandem with What To Do When You Worry To Much — an interactive guide for kids dealing with anxiety.


There’s A Bully In My Brain will be available for purchase July 4th on Amazon.



* I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.