The month of May in Indianapolis is truly magical. As soon as all the race flags and “welcome race fan” signs go up in yards, the city becomes charged with an electric energy. The list of drivers from the IndyStar is cut up, and thrown into a hat. Families gather round to pay their dollar and pick a driver from the hat; hoping that when the race is over they will be the be the winner of the pot. Many people attend the race, but just as many  listen on the radio in their  backyards surrounded by family and friends with a couple of cold beverages. The race has been more popular in some years than others, but there has been a resurgence in popularity over the last few years. My kids will attend the race this year for the first time with their grandparents in the seats they have sat in since the early ’80s.  In typical book nerd fashion I requested everything I could find on the Indianapolis 500 from the public library. The following is a list of my favorites, for young and old alike.

For The Kids:

Indy Cars by Tyrone Georgiou is a non fiction book that any car loving kid is going to enjoy. The large print, glossary, “fast facts” and photos provide a wealth of information in an easy to read format.


The Spectacle-Celebrating the History of the Indianapolis 500 by Chris Workman is a brand new release from Apex Legends. Written from the POV of a dad teaching his children the history of the race, this book is chock full of facts and bright pictures.


“I” is for Indy by Mike King is written in an A-Z format and is an “Officially Licensed Product” of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With its large print and pictures the book is conducive to kids flipping through on their own and learning something new!


For the Parents and Grandparents:

Umbrella Mike by Brock Yates- The True Story of the Chicago Gangster Behind the Indy 500. Jacket-3.aspx






Blood and Smoke by Charles Leerhsen- The True Tale of Mystery, Mayher amd the Birth of the Indy 500.


Tales From The Indianapolis 500  is a collection of some of the greatest stories surrounding this race, and is written by pit reporter Jack Arute.


The Indianapolis 500 A Century of High Speed Racing by Lew Freedman is perfect for the stat loving member of your family. This books gives recaps of every race run, and can probably help settle some arguments between fans!