Danger zone? Nope. Survival Zone is more like it! Let me introduce you to the newest 2nd – 5th grade non fiction obsession: Scholastic Publishing’s Survival Zone series. With titles like How to Survive in the Woods, How to Survive a Tsunami and How to Survive on a Desert Island these books are perfect for the adventurous, outdoorsy, fact-loving child. These are great companions to the fictional I Survived series! My son flew through the four we were able to get from the library, and is anxiously awaiting the rest to come.

Each one starts with a short, true life account of people caught in a potentially deadly situation. Read: Probably not good for your child that obsesses over the many ways bad things could happen to them, i.e. my daughter! The books then go on to describe the situation, complete with a glossary of terms,  and gives tips on how to survive. The combination of text, photos, graphics and maps will easily hold the reader’s attention. I will definitely add these to my prior Reader Request post on non-fiction series!

The AR range on these books is 3.6-3.9, which means they can be a challenge for first or second graders, but also appropriate high interest choices for students who are a little bit older.